Written by my best friend and toughest critic, Jess M. Collen. (aka ‘my first husband’)

“It is ridiculous of course for a man to try writing an unbiased review of a book authored by his wife of 40 years.

I have lived through the conception, research and writing process with her, with day-by-day becoming season-by-season, and eventually year-by-year.As a litigation lawyer, I write and more accurately these days, edit for a living – things like legal briefs, legal letters and legal opinions (the stuff which according to conventional wisdom, is assured to ruin any writer’s technique ).

So natürlich, as Corneilia’s Mutter might say, I had no shortage of comments, ideas, suggestions and, yes, even the occasional criticism. This book – having seemed to ignore virtually all of them – is, as a result, a work of perfection, completely true to the author’s voice, conception, expression and storytelling.

Jane’s knowledge and complete command of the period’s time, history and language are author-itative. Her language and descriptions are, page after page, remarkable. I knew too much of the story to be surprised by it, as I read the final manuscript. But even then, knowing how it would all turn out, I was rooting for (and against) certain characters and conclusions.

Her absolute love of writing every free (and manufactured ) moment shines through in the type of accomplishment that anyone with an artistic soul should be thrilled to accomplish even once in a lifetime. Though for Jane, this book is only the beginning.”

Wow! I am blessed!